Hluboká Castle Excursion

Hluboká Castle Private Tour

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4250 CZK
5400 CZK
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Total Duration: 7 hrs
Travel Time: to the Hluboka Castle from Prague is 1hr 45min.
Free time at destination: 3hrs 30min
Price includes: Return transport from Prague back to your hotel, waiting free at Hluboka Castle.

Hluboka Castle Private Tour

The Castle Hluboka is located in the South Bohemia in the vicinity of the royal town Ceske Budejovice. Originally a gothic tower, founded in the 13th century, was a host to many aristocratic dynasties. The most influential was the dynasty of the Schwarzenbergs. The current appearance of the castle was finished in the 19th century after a vast reconstruction.

The Windsor Castle, the residence of the British Monarchs was set to be the example model for the architects. The interior offers many valuable pieces of art, paintings and unique collections. There is a Glass winter garden, riding hall and a large English park.
Because of its romantic style and monumental structure the castle is very popular not only tourists but also the brides and groom for their weddings. You can also visit many concerts, recitals or musicals there.